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Monday, March 2, 2015

Jah LIfe In Dub - Sound Quality Issues

Received this DKR release on CD today & man what a disappointment it's turned out to be.....

Several of the tracks have a very noticeable difference in the volume levels which makes listening to it on your home stereo a real pain in the butt as after playing one of the quieter tracks you are suddenly blasted by much louder volume of the next track - a bit like how TV commercials are often much louder than the actual TV show you have been watching.
Along with the volume issues track 5 - Collie Dub has some excruciating high pitch distortion making it painful to listen to.

For a record company to release an album with these problems just seems extremely sloppy to me as it is a simple process to get all the tracks at the same volume.

The LP version suffers from the same shoddy quality.

Not recommended.

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