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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A lucky time for UPSETTER fans!

Fan's of Lee Perry's Black Ark sound will have been rejoicing over the last few months with a wealth of Upsetter connected releases seeing the light of day.

Michael Rose - World Crisis/Version - Underground/DKR 10"
Thomas White - Ivory Girl - DKR 10"

The Carltons/Upsetters - Better Days/Tight Spot - Underground/DKR 7"
The Gatherers - Words/Version - Upsetter 7" (alternate vocal mix from 1973)
Ronnie Davis - You Are The Fool/Version - On Top 7"
Delano Tucker - Gather Israelites/Version - Mango 7"
Clinton Fearon - Togetherness/Version - Horus 7"
Augustus Pablo - Ethiopia/Version - Pressure Sounds 7"

10 Sept 2014
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