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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tilly & Larry - Jah Gave Us Everything - Marshall 7"

I'm not sure who Tilly is, most probably the T. Nelson who is credited on the version side along with the band Food Clothes & Shelter.
But Larry is most definately Studio One legend Larry Marshall here with a self production & what a beauty it is.
An ode to the most high over a pumping organ which urges the rhythm along, while a rumbling fast paced steppers drum & bassline underpins Tilly & Larry's soft & yet oh so soulful verses,....

"No No No No Don't Fight, Don't Fight

Don't Fight Against The Man Who Create This Earth
Who Gave Us  Knowledge Wisdom & Overstanding
Who Gave Us Water To Cool Our Thirst
Who Gave Us Food To Keep Us Alive
Who Gave Us The Herbs For The Healing Of The Nation

Jah Gave Us Everything
Jah Gave Us Everything

We Should Thank Him For Everything & Try To Praise H.I.M In Everyway

He Gave Us The Herbs So Sow A Good Seed
By The Sweat Of Your Brow You Shall Eat What You Sow
Jah Gave Us The Herb So Sow A Good Seed
Jah Gave Us Everything
Jah Gave Us Everything"

The version is a joy to be heard as well, with some lovely phased horns wafting through the mix, reminisant of Jammy's ethereal dub productions of Yabby U's works....while snippets of equally dreamy vocals drift above the tuff as concrete riddim track.
Unbelievably militant drumming through-out this tune, which was originally released in 1975 & must rate as one of the most crucial represses of the year. Not to be missed!

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