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Friday, May 20, 2011

**STOP PRESS** Freddy McKay 7"s Reissued!!!

Great News, i have just seen listed three Freddy McKay 7'' on producer Ossie Hibbert's Earthquake label!

1.Freddy McKay - Jah Man/Version

2.Freddy McKay - Creation Rebel/Version

(a steppers cut of the Burning Spear classic)

3.Freddy McKay - Nuh Mek It Look So Bad/Version

All three songs & two of the dubs (the Jah Man dub wasn't included on the LP) were originally issued on Freddy's rare & highly sort after 1979 Ossie Hibbert produced album "Creation" .
Creation is a "showcase"* style album issued first on the Plant Music label in '79 & then on the Joe Gibbs label in 1980.

Reviews to follow......

* A "showcase" style LP is where the dub versions to the vocals tracks are included on the album. So the LP may have six vocals & six accompanying dub versions.

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