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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Horace Andy - Why Oh Why/Satisfy Me - Channel 1/DKR 10"

Once again Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge Records delve into the Channel One vaults to bring us this previously unreleased killer 10".

Why oh why you wanna fight me,
I share my coffee I share my tea,
I share my bread & butter you see,
I share my rice I share my peas
I share my fish & my money
So why you wanna fight me?

Wicked Wicked Wicked!
Why this was never released i don't know?
Over a heavy dubbed up rhythm track Mr Andy weaves his sorry tale of woe in that delicately fragile voice that is instantly recognisable as his own.
The relentless riddim with it's sinister stabbing piano is in a similar style to McWoner's legendary tune 'Nuh Fire It" & offers no respite to those who are weary of foot or weak in the spirit.
Heavy is putting it lightly!

"Satisfy Me" see's Horace in a lovers mood over a mid paced rockers riddim which features a deadly guitar lick brought to the fore throughout the dub version, echoed drum beats in the mix & all topped off with his  beautiful gentle heart rending vocal.
Both sides are from master tape & the sound quality is pristine.

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