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Saturday, April 23, 2011

McWoner 10" a disappointment.

I have owned a terrible sounding Channel One 7" of "Nuh Fire It" by the almost mythical artist known as McWoner for around 30 years & even though i haven't played that record for years i can still recall the loud Schhhh......Schhhhh........Schhhh  i'd hear on every revolution along with the sound of the infamous 'frying bacon' crackle of badly pressed or just plain worn out vinyl record.
So it was thrilling to read that the excellent US reggae label DKR (Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge Records) was to reissue Nuh Fire It on a Channel 1 10" backed with the tune "Higher Region" which was previously issued on 12" on the Tribesman label under the name of Drummie Benji.

On recieving the 10" from Ernie's my enjoyment of hearing McWoners voice minus all the noise was suddenly cut short as the needle reached the wicked dub version by the Revolutionaires band, i was dismayed to hear the familiar snap crackle & pop of my old 7" as what i had thought would be a pristine pressing of this roots epic of a riddim was marred by a barrage of loud click & pops from the start through to the finish.

I can't understand why DKR would want to issue this rare & much sort after classic in this condition, after going to the trouble of searching through old tapes & stampers for suitable material to release & then going through the process of pressing it up?

Apparently the sound imperfections are on the master stamper which apart from the crackle were still in good order.
The sound quality wasn't considered bad enough by DKR to warrent going to the trouble of remastering the version side of the record & remaking the stamper.
Pressure Sounds chose not to include the dub cut of "Nuh Fire It" on their Channel One compilation "Well Charged At Channel One" (PSCD 14) perhaps because of this same reason.
As this was most probably the last time this actual tune will ever be reissued in my lifetime i feel this release was a bit of a missed opportunity on DKR's part - to reissue this roots classic in the style it so deserves & deliver it to us in a better quality than my crackly 30year old repress.

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