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Monday, March 21, 2011


I've been really appreciating the voice of Carlton Livingston lately so here i shine the spotlight on some of his history & highlight some of his killers tunes, all in my opinion of course!

Carlton Livingston born in 1962 in the parish of St. Mary in Jamaica. As a child he sang in church. He moved to Kingston with his family, where he started a little sound system with his friend Anthony Waldron who is better known as DJ Lone Ranger. In 1978 Carlton was taken to Channel One studio by Tony Walcott where he cut the roots favourite "Tale Of Two Cities" which is his first recording.
From there he made a short stop at Studio One.
He then recorded for Leon & Chester Symoie Thrillseekers label  & then with Clive Jarrett & Bebo Phillips he cut an LP called "Soweto" in 1981.
Apparently Carlton also recorded an albums worth of material for Studo One at Coxsone's Brooklyn studio not long before the producers death.
In the 1980's he had hit tunes for U Brown (Mr DJ & Don't Cuss Rasta) Sly & Robbie (Those Tricks,100lbs Of Collie Weed & Trodding With Chalice In Hand) & Clive Jarrett's Dynamite Records label  (Rumours, Marie & Confusion).

Selected Discography:
Carlton Livingston - Defend It - Black Legacy 7"                                           
Carlton Livingston - Once Was A Man - Heartical 7"
Carlton Livingston - Rocking Steady Vol.1 - Gadd 59 10"                             
Carlton Livingston - Trod On - Tree Of Life 10"
Carlton Livingston - Who Dem A Fool - Cookie Jar 12"
Carlton Livingston - Are You Afraid? - Cookie Jar 7"
Carlton Livingston - Tale Of Two Cities - Channel One/Deeper Knowledge 7"
Carlton Livingston - Mix Up Maggie - Uniteam 7"
Carlton Livingston - Soweto - Ffrench 7"
Carlton Livingston - Rumours - Tabou1 CD (1984)

Leave It Behind - Carlton Livingston - Rumours CD -Tabou1

Oh yeah i got to get there
Oh yeah

Some men want to be millionaires, but i just want to live for a million years
Some men put their trust, in horses & chariots
Some men will sell their soul for gold, but don't they know it can't go there
Oh Lord

"Can't go to Zion with your limousine , your limousine will need gasoline
 Can't go to Zion with your carnal mind, your carnal mind you got to leave behind
 Can't go to Zion with your millions man , your millions don't have no value there."

"You've got to leave it behind
You've got to leave it behind"

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